Ecobank Ghana REVIEW: The Bank With The Most ‘Unwilling To Help’ Customer Care

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Customer care in Ghana looks like a pinch of salt put into the sea. Just recently Midland savings and loans Limited’s Shiashe branch has been in the news for allegedly looking on for the Police on duty to physically assault a woman who was carrying her 2 months old grandchild. The Police identified as Lance Corporal Godzi Frederick Amanor brutishly assaulted the 36-year-old customer in the banking hall over a misunderstanding following her inability to withdraw GhC250. The President has spoken against the act of the Police and some staff of the bank has been suspended too.

Bad customer care comes in many forms which include disrespect and unwillingness to help solve an issue and looks like Ecobank is of no exception. Every bank has got its own rules and we all understand it but I am much-informed that exhibition of rudeness and anything rude related isn’t part of their policies. Yesterday (July 26th) I made an inter-bank transfer from my Ecobank Account to My Access Bank account just so it can facilitate the payment of my facebook ads account for my website.

Normally with Access bank, its an instant transaction so I was very furious when my transaction with Ecobank had delayed over 3 hours so the best option was to alert Ecobank just maybe there is an issue somewhere that has resulted in the delay of my transaction.


Quickly I took to my Ecobank Mobile APP (Live Chat Session Area) to interact with their customer service attendant so as to get to the bottom of the issue. After 8 minutes of waiting, a customer care attendant joined the chat. After series of queries, I wasn’t pleased with the with the information I got from the customer service attendant as my previous transactions with other banks (Access Bank) were instant, so I tried as much as possible to get more knowledge as to why the said transaction could not be finalized instantly.

The customer care attendant by name Daniel (the name that was displayed at the chat area) who was attending to my complaint saw it right to disrespect me by ending our conversation whilst I was not done with my complains or even satisfied with the answers he was giving me. Most of these banks really take us the customers for granted. Why in the rush to end a complain conversation why we have basically not come into conclusion on the issue been addressed? Who does that!? Maybe only Ecobank‘s customer care does that! The 1985 founded bank that has its headquarters in Lome, Togo and employs over 20,000 across the globe as at 2015 should have known better on how to treat customers right.

It looks like their customer care attendants ain’t ever ready to assist the customers and this isn’t the first time I have been treated as such. The other day a call was hanged on me when I called to complain about a delay in remittance. This isn’t how things should be done. Customers shouldn’t be treated as if the banks are doing us a favour or we are coming for loans. Even if its loans and we qualify for it, we will surely pay back with huge interests of which customers who save there receive nothing to write home about as interests. When at all will customer service work in Ghana? Share with me in the comment box, what has been your worst banking experience before especially with Ecobank?

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