Efia Odo Talks About Her Sex life With Kweku Reveloe [+VIDEO]

Efia Odo
Efia Odo

Kwese Tv’s very own screen goddess, Efia Odo has in a recent interview on TV3 revealed her sexlife with her new boyfriend Kweku Reveloe stating that they haven’t bonked each other.

Not until recently did we see Efia Odo and her boyfriend get cozy as their lovely photos went viral on social media which almost brought a feud between herself and other female personalities who claimed she was forcing herself on the guy.

Kweku Reveloe and Efia Odo
Lovebirds, Kweku Reveloe and Efia Odo

In an interview with Mickey Osei Berko on the After Hours Show which airs on TV3, she revealed that herself and her lover Kweku Reveloe have decided not to have sex for now until they are married.

She went forth to explain that though they often enjoy kissing, they have refrained from sexual intercourse but was quick to add that the situation might change in the future or if something happens accidentally.

“My boyfriend and I are celibates, we practice celibacy. We kiss passionately but we are celibates. Before I met him I was celibate. He is a celibate with me…”she told Mickey.

For those of us who know not, a celibate is a person who abstains from marriage and sexual relations.

One would wonder if the guy would be able to wait for long.


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