Elite Mums Brunch to be held this Friday, March 13

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Elite Mums

Since 2015, Elaine Cunningham-Walker has been helping families in the United Kingdom, Ghana and throughout Africa with accessing practical information, on how to obtain the best opportunities for their children’s educational journey.

The Everythings Education platform has expanded over the years and has created notable international parents and teachers networking expos, including Meet the Heads.  Since launching these expos in 2017 with only six schools represented from Britain, meeting Ghanaian parents in Accra, in October 2019, it grew to 24 US, and UK schools presented.

Expanding into the network of Ghanaian mother, Everythings Education launches the Elite Mums Network by hosting an exclusive brunch  at The Lotte, Airport City, Accra on 13th March 2020 at 10am – 2pm with the theme ‘Building African leaders for the future’.

The brunch is an opportunity to introduce mothers to Everythings Education platform; sharing information on how Everythings Education prepares the parents and the child(ren) for overseas education.  Also, highlighting the significance of the investment parents have to make if they want their child to have the best of choice for their child(ren) educations.

“While we must equip our families with education from the African continent, we must also prepare for gaining access to private schools in the UK and the United States. Everythings education also focuses on working with young professionals that have graduated as diaspora alumni, ensuring they remain connected to Africa. We also encourage them, at some point, to return to Ghana or other parts of the African continent to contribute to the economy through business, social enterprises or other skills transfer initiatives.”

Elaine Cunningham-Walker was featured in Forbes magazine, The Times newspaper as an advocate for education believers, by providing information, technical knowledge and platforms to parents. She has been facilitating access for parents to engage with institutions early on.  With Mothers in particular, she focuses on how to prepare and plan for the best education decisions for their child(ren). As Nelson Mandela once said, “to change a nation you needed to educate a child”, Mothers know this more than anyone. As such, the Elite Mums Brunch is an excellent introduction for Mothers to prepare ahead of the numerous schools visiting Accra in March.

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Elite Mums Elite Mums

The Elite Mums Brunch is also an opportunity to hear first-hand from fellow mothers, education professional and  some of these diaspora professional’s, once young students sent to school abroad by their parents. Also, what education abroad has offered them and why they have returned to home to Ghana and Africa.

Everything’s Education is an educational consultancy that deals with the whole child, putting together a SWOT analysis for parents’ children and matching them with the right school and university. They have relationships with several schools in the UK and USA and also have relationships with tutors and universities.

For further information, please contact:

Tiffany Nelson: + 44 7342 039557 (WhatsApp only)

Email us: [email protected]

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