Emelia Brobbey In A Relationship Again

Emelia Brobbey

Ghanaian budding actress, Emelia Brobbey has been in the news of late for a many a trouble. First it was her time in London where she was said to have stolen a wristwatch in a shop, then her rumored drinking spree at her own sister’s husband’s funeral and a number of cases she’s been sleeping with men.

It is rather not surprising that she has kept her current relationship from the paparazzi. The actress is said to have been dating one Mr. Kwame Wilson who was a former British Army Officer believed to be in his early thirties.

It is rumored, they have been dating for close to two years now. Emelia Brobbey married Dr. Kofi Adu (Founder of End-Point Homeopathic Clinic) in a grand and flashy style in 2010 that took over social media for days. When we thought their marriage was going to last, fast forward two years later, it went sour and they divorced after having a child together. Dr Boateng leveled allegations against the actress that she cheated in their marriage whilst Emelia said it was not true but it was because her husband did not like her job as an actress.

Well, Emelia seems to have found a new lover who she has kept low key from the public domain for sometime now. It is rumored that she stays with him at his residence in Tafo, a suburb of Kumasi all this while.

The actress and her acclaimed boyfriend are supposedly running a Sachet water business venture together with Emelia as the icon for the brand.

Let’s pray and hope that this relationship of hers gets better and results into marriage finally.

Below are some photos of the man and Emelia Brobbey. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more secrets about Emelia Brobbey that we at GH KASA, the best hub for gossip will reveal soon.

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