Emelia Brobbey Revealed Her Favorite And Why

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Emelia Brobbey

It seems the classy fashionable mineral water Verna had attracted a lot of Ghanaian fans including Emelia Brobbey. A multi-award-winning actress, where she disclosed in her latest deal with the giant and leading manufacturing company Twellium Ghana.

She said after many lives were touched by Verna changing lives charity campaigns, I was really curious to try the brand until I was amazed by the affordability of this premium brand.

I thought at the beginning, premium brands come with an additional cost but not with Verna mineral water. Verna matches the modern woman style “fashionable” and premium quality of mineral water but very affordable amongst its competitors that makes you really save a lot of money.

Emelia Brobbey urged consumers to go for the 1.5liter bottle to save more plastic waste and more money. It’s recommended for domestic use, office and very profitable for the business.

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