Executives Of GHAMRO Take The Lion’s Share Of Our Royalties – Dada Hafco

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Dada Hafco

A renowned highlife musician, songwriter and member of the Alliance for change, Dada Hafco, said that holding office at GHAMRO can make one rich overnight. And that is why ex-musicians rush for the position to enrich themselves.

Terry Asare Boama, aka Dada Hafco, claimed that the absence of data on radio airplay makes the collection of royalties for music played on-air obscured.

He said even the substandard system make radio stations unaccountable for the airplay of a particular musician. And as such GHAMRO gives them a flat rate to pay. Musicians in Ghana now rely on shows for a living.

Speaking to Christian Agyei Frempong on Anigye Mere on Onua Fm, Dada Hafco also said that musicians in Ghana can not rely on royalties. Because of the peanuts in the form of royalties, they are given annually. ‘It is unfortunate that the board members of GHAMRO take bigger money than the musicians. It is the easiest place to make money.

“GHAMRO is the easiest place to make money because there is no transparency. No data on the airplay, on the royalties, among others. That is why during elections for new executives and board members, ex-musicians rush for the post.”

“GHAMRO is for administrators and not for ex-musicians and believes that place is reserved for administrators, but any musician, who has an administrative background, is fit for the post,” he continued.

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