Exposed! Wendy Shay Deceived The Public, Allegedly Dyed Old Wig To Look New

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Wendy Shay in her new wig
Wendy Shay in her new wig

Rufftown records damsel, Wendy Shay, after weeks of criticism from fans and the masses on social media was reported to have changed her 3 months old ‘wig’ in new pictures she posted online.

It is well known that most celebrities don’t wear the same wig for long, even though that thought is arguable it is most often evident. The fans of these celebrities expect that their icons look stunning always.

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Well it is the same synopsis here with our Uber driver, Wendy Shay. She has been heavily criticized by her fans and followers on social media for wearing the same wig for more than three months! Who does that? Only Wendy Shay does.

Following these criticisms the female songstress however visited the salon to change her wig, she made us believe she has changed it.

Well a fan thinks Wendy Shay hasn’t changed the wig entirely, she has just dyed it to change it color. And that might be true as her first wig and her current wig look similar but different in color.

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Wendy Shay’s 3 month wig:

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Wendy Shay and her three months wig
Wendy Shay in her new wig
Wendy Shay in her new wig

Now compare the two, probably she loves this wig too much.

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