Fake WASCCE Results Of Kwesi Arthur Hits Social Media

Kwesi Arthur
Kwesi Arthur

After stating his (Kwesi Arthur) intentions of not going back to the four walls called a classroom, Hip-Hop artiste, Kwesi Arthur’s WASSCE results appeared online from an unknown source but we can boldly say it is fake.

The WASSCE result that emerged from nowhere on social media was obviously created by someone who wants to tarnish the image of the artiste for declaring his stance on not seeing why it is necessary to further his education.

The Tema based artiste has always stated that he attended the famous and indigenous Tema Secondary School (TEMASCO) as captured by this ‘result slip’. However, the result slip failed to capture the correct course that was offered by the artiste plus it had a current picture of the artiste on the slip, which is a clear indication that the result slip is a fake one.

Kwesi Arthur studied General Arts while at Temasco and records available at the school, and so it’s very obvious that can’t be the WASSCE result of the musician although it looks somewhat impressive.

So if you had thought the below WASSCE result was his, then disregard that thought now as it’s obvious that was never his, by just looking at it–How does his current picture even end up on a certificate from 2013?

For the record, the artiste once mentioned in an interview on Class FM that he never had E8 or a D in his WASCCE result, he wasn’t that dumb. LOL!

Kwesi Arthur

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