Famous Actor Psalm Adjeteyfio Popularly Known As TT Pleads With Ghanaians For Accommodation Support

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At age 73, veteran Ghanaian actor Psalm Adjeteyfio who used to bring smiles to our faces is crying for help as he faces ejection from his place of abode.

According to the “Taxi Driver” famed actor, he needs GHC3000 from Ghanaians to secure his rent for the next six months.

In a very teary interview, TT revealed that he has been reduced to nothing after long years of gracing our screens – he has nothing to boast of and has to rely on the benevolence of people to get by.

“I do not even have a place I could call my own, I live in a rented apartment” – A very sullen-faced Psalm Adjeteyfio cried.

Psalm Adjeteyfio is a top Ghanaian actor who has made a name for himself by starring in captivating series and movies. His distinct acting style and prowess are some of the reasons why he is held in high regard by many Ghanaians. But the actor believes if Ghanaians do not come to his aid, this time around, he might be rendered homeless, impoverished and rejected.

He has made a passionate appeal to Ghanaians to look in his direction by donating to help his cause.

“Whoever wants to help can send their donation through the MoMo number, 0559234834,” he feebly requested.

Psalm Adjeteyfio is not the only veteran actor or celebrity who is facing a late-life crisis. A few weeks ago, bedridden Ghanaian actor “Kohwe” was seen crying for help and begging Ghanaians to come to his aid as he suffers ill-health.

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