F*cked Up Indstry! Angry Bisa Kdei Blasts Media Over False Reports

Bisa Kdei
Bisa Kdei

The promising music career of Ronald Kweku Dei Appiah who’s commonly known as Bisa Kdei has unfortunately taken a nosedive within a blink. Thus, the Bisa Kdei Ghanaians used to know in the year 2016 isn’t the same act now per influence.

Following his recent utterances, the above-named Ghanaian artiste keeps blaming some entities in reference to the woes of artistes especially how fast his relevancy in Ghana music keeps depreciating. Somewhere last week in an interview on Cape 93.3FM with Emcee Bebe, Bisa Kdei attributed the low patronage of Highlife to Ghanaians ad-hoc love for Dancehall.

Interestingly, music consumer lambasted the Mansa hitmaker for his illogical assumption. Now, Bisa Kdei who still feels that Ghanaians especially the media are not doing things right to support their hardworking artistes has taken a swipe at them via his official twitter handle. Disappointed “Highlife Konnect” album composer, Bisa Kdei posted on twitter that;

When you talk your mind they’ll say u r arrogant. Be cool they’ll say u r too timid. U do interview you’ll have a twisted story to tarnish your image just because some ppl want traffic. Win int. award seff they’ll say you didn’t rep your country well. Fvcked up industry😐




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