Fella Makafui In ‘Danger’ As Her EX Mistakenly Leaked Her Alleged $ex [email protected] For The Internet

It looks like Fella Makafui’s now ex-boyfriend or ex-sugar daddy wants to shake some more tables now that his relationship with the actress has ended. It’s now been established that he shut down the store he opened for the YOLO actress when it’s not even a year old yet over reasons that, she’s not giving him attention in the relationship.

A report on one of our sister blogs, Gh Page says, the ex wanted to leak her sekz-tape as he’s hurt but regretted his action right after sending the video to another person and is now pleading so bloggers don’t talk about it when it gets to them.

According to the site, someone contacted them asking if they could ‘blog’ about Fella’s Sekz Tape. The person sent the video to them to publish.

Gh Page after narrating the scenes in the video believes the person could be Fella but did not so sure as the person’s face did not show clearly but the ‘machine behind the person’ and hairstyle loos exactly like that of our YOLO star.

The site wrote;

In the video, you could see the guy giving it to her from the back. She calls him daddy and we could also hear her moaning and kept shouting his name ‘daddy, daddy, daddy’.

The style of hair she wore in the video looks exactly like in this photo.

The site refused to upload the video and in as much as I begged the owner to leakz the video to me, he said he didn’t trust my bots as it could leakz it  so he refused to share with me—–That be why anor fi load am here too oooo 😂😂

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Come on, we love Fella Makafui, she’s an amazing person and a great philanthropist who’s always willing to extend a helping hand to those in need and we’ve shared all her positive stories with you, so there’s no way we would share the said video on this blog and we doubt other blogs would do so, but we can’t stop gossiping, so we are just letting you know–Wink!


Gh Base

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