Foolish People, Sing Foolish Songs – Prophet Kumchacha Blasts Wendy Shay

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Prophet Kumchacha

According to the outspoken Prophet Kumchacha, leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, has pinpointed that only foolish people sing foolish songs and Rufftown record’s signee, and Wendy Shay is not an exception.

The renowned prophet who is known for his satiric nature but arguably a person with a tongue full of the hard truth has come out to say without fear, that Wendy Shay is a fool and she sings only foolish songs.

He said this in a discussion on Adom Entertainment hall last Saturday.

Many have argued that Wendy Shay’s ‘Uber driver’ song is profane, yet they enjoy it. It is no doubt that the later Ebony was tagged as the queen of profane songs, but the masses often enjoyed these songs. With these thoughts in mind and the man of God being a big critic of such songs, has come out to heavily criticize the female singer.

During the discussion which was all about Wendy Shay’s visit to the Presidency, Prophet Kumchacha backed his claims and assertion with bible quotations which were in line with his submission.

Ecclesiastes 7 vs 5: “It is better for a man to hear the rebuke of the wise than to hear the song of fools.”

Proverbs 15 vs 21: “Folly is a joy to him who has no sense, but a man of understanding walks aright.”

“The girl is not matured, if she had a discussion with the president she should have kept it private. She wanted to say the president likes vagina, not the other way round”, he stated.

Well, to an extent a school of thought will side with the man of God, but another won’t. This was the same way that he attacked the late Ebony Reigns.

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