I Found Out On Google That Michael Essien Was Married; D-Black Is A Chronic Cheater – Princess Shyngle on why she broke up with these stars

Michael Essien
Princess Shyngle

Model and Actress Princess Shyngle has revealed that she dated footballer, Michael Essien and musician D-Black. She has stated the reasons why both relationships didn’t last.

According to Princess Shyngle, she dated Michael Essien for a year before breaking up with him and dated D-Black for two years after which she decided to walk away.

Princess Shyngle has explained why both relationships didn’t lead to anything.

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Princess who was on the Delay Show, was asked whether she knew that Michael Essien was married before going into a relationship with him.

She claimed she didn’t know that the footballer was married. She explained that there were no pictures of himself and a woman on social media and she never saw a ring on his finger which could show that Essien was married back then.

Explaining how she finally got to find out, Princess Shyngle added that alarmed her on Essien’s marital status, which pushed her to ‘google’ on the footballer only to find out he was married to another woman.

“I had no idea he was married, I had no reason to ask him because I never saw a wedding ring on his finger and there was obviously no picture of him and a man on social media”, she said

“I got to find out that he was married. I didn’t ask him, we went out in public and I got contacted by some people and they told me he was married so I googled and it was there. It was true”, she told delay.

According to her, they both loved each other.

But Princess Shyngle went ahead to spill the bean on what happened between herself and D-Black whom she dated for almost two years. According to Shyngle she knew D-Black had kids and a baby mama who was not living with him.

Although she concurred to the fact that D-Black was an amazing guy but he was not always faithful to her and he cheated on her a few times.

“I know he had a baby mama, at the time I know he had two kids I was literally almost at his house and so far as I was concerned they were not living together”

“In as much as Black was amazing guy, he was not always faithful to me. And the point I decided to walk out of the relationship was I could remember he was out to America buying somethings for his new club which I was not in support of. I was not in support of him having the nightclub because I was a very jealous person and he cheated on me a few times and I felt him having a night club is him being close to girls all the time. So I was not in support of it at all, I did say some hurtful things to him just to discourage him and then when I knew he wasn’t backing out, I just stopped talking to him, I blocked him and that was it. We never broke up, I just walked away”, she revealed


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