Freda Rhymz to close the Music Year on “Agoro” with Article Wan

Freda Rhymz, Agoro, Article Wan

Freda Rhymz takes the mantle to close the music year with her new song. The singer/rapper signed to Young Mission Entertainment titles her record “Agoro”.

With earlier release of “YME Freestyle” and “Sing My Song”, “Agoro” in the local dialect denotes party and the festive season still continues through to January.

Article Wan features on it and the release date is scheduled for 31st December. Check out the video for her recent release here. Enjoy.

Young Mission Entertainment, a Paris-based Ghanaian booking, and entertainment company, which has over the years made very major impacts in the lives of most artists in the country officially signed its ever first unique female rapper Freda Rhymz earlier this year.

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