Funny Face Weeps Maaaamamamamaama

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Funny Face
Following the running away of his wife from his home, Funny Face was recently seen weeping on GhOne TV during an interview.

In an interview with Gh One TV hosted by Regina Van-Helvert, Funny Face, who became too emotional broke down into tears when asked whether he misses his twins “Ella and Bella”.

I would love to tell them, I did my best I tried and they will know. There are videos to prove, I did everything that I can.

Admitting that he is a very emotional person, the comic screen god adding he misses his kids and wish to be with them all the time because he loves them.

Funny Face separated from the mother of his twins about a month ago. He had accused the wife of scheming with Lil Win, Kalybos, and Bismarck The Joke to destroy him.

This is the second time Funny Face is facing challenges with his marriage after separating from his first wife, who accused him of being a ‘two minutes’ man in bed.

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