Video: Driver runs into Funny Face as he survives ghastly accident

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Funny Face

Comedian, Funny Face almost lost his life in an accident. According to him, he was saved by some guys who were around during the incident.

Funny Face shared a video some minutes after the accident sounding traumatized. He said, a long vehicle truck pushed his car off the road which nearly caused the accident but didn’t affect him.

Yesterday, Funny Face made a post on his social media mentioning that, everyone will pass no matter who the person is and urged that, people should learn to comport and leave a good life.

Nearly died tonight .. hmmm as an articulator driver push my car to climb the pavement car nearly roll over to da next road if not God who gave me da courage to keep my focus and hold da steering tight .. hmm if it was me tomorrow am finished with headlines dat I kill.

Watch the video above;

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