I Have Been Sick For 15yrs GHAMRO Gave Me 500 cedis For My Medical Treatment- Hannah Marfo Laments

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Hannah Marfo
Hannah Marfo

Sensational gospel musician, Hannah Marfo has come out again to make heartfelt revelations on how some associations treated her when she really needed help the most.

The ‘Akristofo Adoso’ hit singer has burst out and this time around it is on how bad she felt when the Ghana Music Rights Organization gave her tough time when she needed her royalties the most.

In an interview, Hannah Marfo revealed that GHAMRO gave her only 500ghc after writing to the organization, which she is a member of for help to seek medical care as she has been ill for the past 15yrs.

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Hannah Marfo who has been ill for 15yrs disclosed that she had to write to GHMARO numerous times without number for her own money, but was later given 500ghc as her royalties.

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She also revealed GHAMRO’s reaction to her when she wrote to them to help her settle and seek medical care for her daughter who needed Ghc 43,000 for an operation. To her surprise GHAMRO educated and informed her that the royalties are for her, and not for her daughter.

“They told me my royalties does not carter for my daughter. I have also been sick for 15yrs, GHAMRO only gave me 500ghc for my hospital bills. When i received the money, I laughed at it. I couldn’t understand why i was given that amount of money though, but i leave it all to GOD.”, She said

Hannah Marfo however with the help of the public have been able to raise GHc31,000 for her daughter’s operation and is still calling on the public for help.


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