Ghana Health Service Website Can’t Be Accessed, Accused Of A Stolen Theme

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Ghana Health Service

The official website for the Ghana Health Service can not be accessed by users around the world to verify or access information.

According to Tech Educators, one thing most web developers and organizations as a whole don’t like is to see their website taken down by hackers.

Mostly, a lot of individual/brands spend a lot of time and money protecting their websites against hackers. This includes developers of the themes themselves most sites use.

However, it is reported that, operatorrs of Ghana Health Service website failed to pay for the theme used to make the website attractive resorted to using nulled, pirated or stolen themes. Tech educators say that, this does not only hurt developers but also put the thousands of individuals who visit these sites in trouble and at risk of a hack.

Ghana’s Ministry of Health appears to be using a nulled version of the popular Jannah Theme, which costs only $45. Developers of the theme, who might be suffering from the loss of revenue from actions from organizations such as the Ministry of Health, or the developers who work for them appear to have gone “Anas style”.

Below is a screenshot of the messed up Ghana Ministry of Health site;

Ghana Health Service

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