Is Ghana Next? South Africa’s Highest Court Legalizes Weed


Something a section of Ghanaians have been fighting for in the last four years is the legalization of marijuana, known in the streets as weed/ganja.

Uncle Ebo Whyte was earlier in the month reported on to have suggested that Ghana makes the famous herb a big export. Samini also called on the government to give farmers the needed license to propagate weed.

However, in other news the Supreme Court of South Africa, in a unanimous ruling, has legalized the use of marijuana by individuals in the privacy of their homes.

The court ruled that once in the privacy of your home, one can use, and grow, the drug without fear of recrimination from the state.

The court argued that the individual right to privacy trumps every other consideration.

“It will not be a criminal offence for an adult person to use or be in possession of cannabis in private for his or her personal consumption.” Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo said in the ruling.

The ruling, however, does not legalize use of the drug in public, nor its sale.The court did not determine the legal amount a person can possess, leaving that to Parliament. Parliament also has two years to pass legislation to codify the ruling into law.

The case with Ghana is different though there have been uproars by several personalities in Ghana, the ‘harmful’ drug doesn’t stand a chance and is still criminalized.

We just wonder when Ghana will legalize the famous herb


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