5 reasons why members of Ghana Single Mothers Association (GHASMA) are still single

Ghanaian female celebrities who are also members of Ghana Single Mothers Association (GHASMA) are the most victims when it comes to marriage issues. Most of them get sour relationships and bad marriages and later divorce whilst some of them do not get married to even in their late thirties.

Why is it so? The following are some five reasons most of these female celebrities are not married to yet.

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First of all, these female celebrities have too much egos. Because of the name they have, they have a feeling they can do without husbands. Before they realize, time is gone.

Secondly most of these female celebrities have trust issues. Their minds are are on the fact that since they have made it in life already, men would want to have their way with them by just by just sleeping with them and spending their monies.

Also, due to youthful exuberance and spirit of exploration, some of these our female celebrities would want to have fun with different men and before they are aware, they are somewhere near menopause.

Another reason why most female celebrities do not get married to is the busy lifestyle they are living. Most of these female celebrities spend most of their time carving and building their brands. By spending their youthfulness investing in their careers, they are far gone in age.

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Last on the bill, is the extravagant life most of our female celebrities love to live cost most of them their marriages, and deny many others their marriages. Most of our Ghanaian female celebrities love to live extravagant lifestyles but have limited capital to do so.

To keep up this lifestyles, they jump from one man to another, till they realise they are aging and need to settle. In Ghana, most of our female celebrities have not been married due to the above raised reasons.

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