Ghanaian Actress ‘Slaps’ Guys Who Send Her Their Small D*ck

Actress Jasmine
Actress Jasmine

Mother of one, and actress Jasmine Barouni has come out to hit hard guys who send her their dicks in her dm on social media.

The sweet and sexy actress is in the news again. Being a married woman and a mother of one is no joke, especially when you are beautiful and thirsty men really want to have a share of you on social media.

A post sighted by  indicates Jasmine Barouni is mad at these guys on social media who send her their dicks in her dm on social media.

The ‘Adams Apple’ actress, has handpicked one William who irritates her the most with his small langalanga, sending him a strong warning openly on her instagram page.

All you A$$holes dirty boys who are sending me their ugly tiny small di*ks pics…be warned…stop this shit else I will put u on blast!! Fools… ah, Her William or whatever you call urself, you better vanish from my DM. #s3k3yel0 kwasia #mpissed” she wrote


Jasmine’s post on Instagram

Jasmine was heavily criticized by some Ghanaians for getting pregnant and giving birth before marriage, but the actress came out to tell Ghanaians to mind their own business.

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