Ghanaian Celebrities Whose Talent Are Still Questioned

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It is a known fact that fame, stardom and celebrity status are acquired through hardworking, extreme talent and persistent effort, the reason why just a handful of the masses and a few from every generation can be called celebrities.

However, there are few who have maneuvered their way to stardom with various talents that keep people asking how they did it. While some employed good marketing skills to sell whatever they have, others also rode on trending issues or publicity stunts to attract attention to themselves.

Let us take a look at some of these celebrities whose talents have been questioned by many Ghanaians. These Ghanaian celebrities have had their talents questioned.



Celebrated Ghanaian hip-pop artist D-Black has come under intense criticism several times for his lyrics which critics term as whack. An example was when Ghana’s fastest rapper Sarkodie on a BET cypher referred to himself as “Irish Cream”, the missing ingredient in the African rap.

A section of Ghanaians described this line from Sarkodie as weak and it brought so much heat on him. But Wanluv sarcastically reminded Ghanaians that D-Black probably wrote that line for Sarkodie.

D-Black is a businessman and seems to have good marketing skills. No matter how bad a track from him is, he manages to get it out there. He has several hit songs to his credit despite having his talent as a rapper questioned by many.



One Corner hitmaker, Patapaa, is one of those celebrities Ghanaian music lovers continue to question themselves why they love him and patronize his works. He has earned for himself the artist with the most “senseless” songs. His songs bear no meaning but are associated with danceable beats, which compel music lovers to love his music.

One cannot tell what genre the musician does though he insists what he does is highlife.

It is believed the rapper and singer does not write his lyrics but records anything that comes to mind and matches the instrumental he is given. This belief is cemented by the fact that Patapaa has on countless occasions forgotten his lyrics while performing his songs. Despite his whack and questionable talent, he manages to get people to accept his works.

The very people who question his talent end up promoting his works.



Fantana has been an object of mockery and humour ever since she released her single “So What”. The actress has been described by many as talentless, and are calling on her to quit music. Loud social media critic known as First Lady, tweeted that, Fantana is just adding up to the numbers of musicians in the country and that she should quit.

She said, “Fantana you don’t have talent. When we talk of talent, you can’t boast of it. Your ‘so what’ song faded in just 2 weeks. She is now promoting her single ‘girls hate on girls’ and am sure she is making such statements to promote her single”.

Fantana is believed to have enjoyed the popularity the late Ebony Reigns left Rufftown Records. It’s this same popularity that worked for Wendy Shay. Unlike Wendy Shay who took advantage of the record label to sell her talent, Fantana always finds herself wanting and questioned if she’s ready to do music.

She once made headlines after she had difficulties performing on stage. Despite having her talent questioned, she is one of the Ghanaian musicians who spend a lot of money to produce quality videos.

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It is an open secret that Ghanaians have been mocking DKB for his jokes. He was recently bashed on Twitter for saying Ghanaians do not support their own as the Nigerians do. This was precisely when Shatta Bandle was trending.

According to one Twitter user known as Nungua_Jay Z, the only thing funny about DKB is that he thinks he is funny. “It is funny how DKB thinks he is funny because the thought only is funnier than his jokes, dude is whack”.

DKB has been struggling later to sell tickets to his virtual comedy event. It has been trolled several times on social media for cracking jokes that are not funny.

One may ask why DKB still gets all the gigs to play despite having his talent as a comedian questioned.

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