Ghanaian Men Can’t Propose To Me, They Only Watch Me Like Toys – Actress says

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Nana Frema Korangteng

Actress and singer, Nana Frema Koranteng has revealed that Ghanaian men act like toys when they see her, instead of proposing to her.

According to the singer men are afraid to approach her. She said this in an interview.

The singer and actress, known for her awesome tune Angerafter performing at the launch of X-1R lubricant in Accra, said in an interview that Ghanaian men are afraid to approach her.

She revealed that most men watch and admire her when ever she passes by these same men but they fail to gather the courage to call her though she knows and sees that their reactions indicate that they are interested in her.

The ‘Anger‘ singer added that she is ready to settle down when a man is bold to propose marriage.

Nana Frema is currently working on her live band act but has recorded several songs which she looks forward to put on the market soon. She has a collaboration with Guru, dubbed ‘Let Me Love You’.



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