Ghanaians Blast Tracy Sarkcess For Not Minding Her Business And Meddling In Menzgold vs BoG Issues

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Tracy Sarkcess

Honey moon has turned into a trolly moon as wife of Sarkodie, Tracy Sarkcess is been bashed on social media for all the right and wrong reasons, most importantly for not minding her own business.

Earlier this week we reported on BoG and Menzgold saga after released a statement for the 5th time warning Ghanaians against dealing with Menzgold, the gold deposit investment institution owned by Nana Appiah Mensah.

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Thereafter Nana Appiah Mensah took to twitter to mock the country’s biggest financial body in a tweet over it sanctions. He described the central bank of Ghana as a joke and warned them not to use his Menzgold as cover up for their inefficiency.

Well, the issue has been trending on social media and Tracy Sarkcess took part in the discussion on social media on this issue which seems untouchable for a public figure like her to take a stand on matters of this sort.

Tracy happens to have sided with NAM1 after commenting on a post which was made by Tv personality, Nana Aba Anamoah.

Nana Aba took to her instagram page to post the notice:

Tracy Sarkcess
Nana Aba’s Post and Tracy’s comment

Tracy commented: “Menzgold doesn’t take deposit. They buy gold with the money you give them and work with that gold to give you a return on your investment. Which the last time i checked was around 10%. BOG should rather concentrate on the banks that are misappropriating people’s money rather than the ones actually making money for its people.

Tracy Sarkcess advised that BoG concentrates on banks who are mishandling people’s monies and leave Menzgold alone.

It looks as if Tracy’s comment didn’t go down well with a lot of people and they have really told her their mind without considering her honeymoon. Lol.

Most advised her to stay away from meddling in such issues as her husband, Sarkodie does but not without jabbing her.

Sarkodies wife torn pieces Menzgold 1

Sarkodies Tracy wife torn pieces Menzgold 7

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