Ghanaians Reacts To President Akuffo-Addo’s Daughter Chilling

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Indeed, when there is money, there is more chilling and more love. Have you realized that rich people really make love enjoyable?

They dedicate time for vacations, trips, boat rides, luxurious walks, and many other money-centered adventures.

This is exactly the case of President Akuffo-Addo’s daughter Valerie and her husband. The couple is found on a boat cruising and the image tells the good time they are having together.

The president of Ghana has tried as much as possible to exclude his children from the politics in the country.

Because in this country, when you don’t take care, every single achievement you have made in life will be subjected to theft when you enter politics in Ghana.

Valerie is the daughter of the President. Although she is married, she could also have a job to have herself a treat. However, Ghanaians have subjected her enjoyment to money taken from the government. Well, that is the power of hardship.


Ghana was promised Heaven on earth by his father (the current president), but the current state of the nation has nothing to do with Heaven. If this is the Heaven Christians await to occupy, then we would have rather worship our traditional gods.

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