Ghana’s Movie Industry Is Boring – Popular Actor In Kejetia vs Makola suggests solutions.

Kejetia vs Makola
Lawyer Nti

Popular comic actor in the famous Kejetia vs Makola series, Richmond Xavier Amoakoh has shown great disappointment in Ghana’s movie industry for not making enough headlines adding that the industry is the most boring in Africa.

It is so true that Ghana’s movie industry as it stands has nothing to show despite individual efforts by various stakeholders to revive the movie industry. The Kejetia and Makola lawyer, Lawyer Nti has advised that the only remedy to this boring industry is creating more scandals in the industry.

In a recent post sighted by on the facebook wall of Lawyer Nti, he advised that actors and actresses should engage each other in beefs, drop sextapes, and get involved in other controversial stunts so they become trending topics. In a portion of his post, he wrote;”…lets beef, let’s drop more sextapes, let’s marry and divorce the ladies, let’s do some drugs, say some controversial things… let’s spice up the industry already…”

The actor who shot to fame kind courtesy Leizer Legacy Production’s famous comic series Kejetia vs Makola couldn’t phantom why movie stars are only heard of when there is a movie premiere or a red carpet event.

He further revealed in his posts that the monies our so-called screen goddess, and actors make from these movies they star in is nothing to write home about as compared to that of stars outside Ghana.

He also indicated in his post that Ghanaian movie actors over protect their brand and that is the reason why they don’t make the headlines hence they should change and spice up the industry with beefs, drug scandals, controversies and celebrity divorces as he believes these will make the industry more interesting and great in the years to come.

The post sighted by by the Kejetia vs Makola actor on Facebook read; “Upon lie biaa, Ghana Movie Industry is one of the most boring industries in the Africa. We barely make any headlines, the few times we make headlines too are just too ordinary. What’s left of the industry is just hanging on the few movies that get made. Inadvertently, if it’s not about some movie premiere, you hardly hear of our movie stars. We have to rise up and let there be more to the industry than just some few movie premieres. There are zero scandals and controversies in the industry. What our A list actors take per movie is really nothing to write home about compared to sister industries. Na the newbies koraa de3, the least said the better. Everybody is protecting their brand… na if the industry is really dying, what will become of the brand? Let’s rise up and do more, fam. Let’s beef, let’s drop sextapes, let’s marry and divorce the ladies, let’s do some drugs, say some controversial things… let’s spice the industry up already…

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