NO MUSIC DAY: HitzFm, 4syte TV, LiveFm, ZylofonFm etc to shutdown tomorrow

NO MUSIC DAY, HitzFm, 4syte TV, LiveFm, ZylofonFm, Zylofon Tv

Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) and Zylofon Art Fund (ZAF) in collaboration with International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) is calling on media houses to go a day without music. The likes of HitzFm, 4syte TV, LiveFm, ZylofonFm, Zylofon Tv who are top music (Entertainment) dominated media houses may not function as their usual schedule for their audience.

In an interview with Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Zylofon Art Fund, Frank Kwabena Owusu also known as Franky 5 on Zylofon fm, Franky 5 stated that, due to the low patronage of media houses paying royalties to musicians, GHAMRO and ZAF in collaboration with CISAC will help advocate for the payment of royalties.

We are soliciting for the media to throw your solidarity behind the musicians to show to the world that, there is value in that product called music. captured on Zylofon Fm with Sammy Flex

The No Music Day is reported to happen tomorrow, September 14 and it is said to keep all media houses across the country to go without music. A press conference will be held today September 13.

Frank Kwabena Owusu stressed that, the time at which the ban will take place will be communicated at the press conference.

GHAMRO like all other copyright societies, is a non-profit corporate body (limited by guarantee) and therefore all fees collected are distributed among the right owners whose works have been used, in this instance composers, authors and producers, publishers in proportion to the use made of their works.

GHAMRO is duly authorized by written assignments and affiliated to composers’ societies all over the world through the execution of reciprocal representation agreements with Societies outside Ghana whose works Ghana protect under treaty and other international treaties. In this way, GHAMRO authorizes all those societies to administer the music of Ghanaian composers and authors in their particular countries. Conversely, GHAMRO administers in the territory of Ghana, not only the music of its Ghanaians members, but also the great store of music in the repertoires of all those other societies – in other words, the music of over 1,000,000 composers, authors and producers in some 150 countries.

Zylofon Art Fund (ZAF) is a scheme structured to support the various creative arts arms of the Nation both locally and internationally, to boost the prominence of the Arts and Tourisms in Ghana. ZAF is a credit relief fund with a non-interest.

The fund will cover a wide spectrum of which include Film (Documentary, Movie Producers, Set Designers), Music ( Drummers, Sound Engineers, Song Writers/Composers, Instrumentalists, Performers), Theatre Arts (Stage Managers), Dance, Visual Arts, Tourism Writers and Bloggers, Architects, Artisans (Hairdressers, Painters, Craftsmen, Sculptors, Weavers, Make-up Artists), Fashion Designers and Dressmakers, Jewelry, Publishers Eligibility Criteria Open all well – meaning Ghanaians in the Arts Industry.

CISAC is the world’s leading network of authors’ societies. With 238 member societies in 121 countries, CISAC represents more than 4 million creators from all geographic areas and all artistic repertoires; music, audiovisual, drama, literature and visual arts. CISAC is presided over by electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre and our four Vice Presidents are: Beninese creator and singer Angélique Kidjo, Chinese director, writer and producer Jia Zhang-ke, Argentinean film director Marcelo Piñeyro, and International Neo-Expressionist visual artist Miquel Barceló.

CISAC protects the rights and promotes the interests of creators worldwide. We enable collective management organisations to seamlessly represent creators across the globe and ensure that royalties flow to authors for the use of their works anywhere in the world.


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