How they treat you around others is how they really feel about you – Man tells son

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In a world where most people are lying to others for their parochial interests, it is hard to know when an expression of love is genuine and not trumped up to take advantage of you.

But a man, has come up with a philosophy which is straightforward and believes it might be the ultimate test for true affection.

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His philosophy claims that, how a person treats you in front of others, is exactly how they feel about you.

Taking to Twitter, netizen @justdboy wrote

How they treat you around others is how they really feel about you.

Effectively, he says that judging the truth in a person’s claim of affection should not only be by what they are able to express and show you in private, but how what they say manifest in the midst of other people.

It is premised on the idea that if you love someone, you should be proud of them, enough to let the world know how you feel about such a person.


True affection comes with a concomitant respect for each other and when that respect is lacking, especially when other people are around, then, questioning a claim of affection is warranted.

Also, if he or she starts distancing him/her self when in public and treats you like you don’t exist, then he doesn’t probably want others to see you’re together and he certainly ain’t proud of you, so it’s totally cogent to think their feelings aren’t true and that’s exactly how they feel about you.

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