Where to buy bitcoin with mobile money in Ghana

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The Mybitstore app is the most secure, reliable and instant platform to  Bitcoin traders on how to buy and sell bitcoin with Mobile Money in Ghana.

The Bitcoin Trading App is currently viewed as the most trusted online source for the buying of bitcoin and selling of bitcoin in Ghana, and on a peer-to-peer level.

The choice to purchase USDT with mobile money as well as buy Bitcoin, sell bitcoin using mobile money has positioned the app as the most practical Crypto Trading App.

Most customers find that the Mybitstore app’s range of payment methods enables them to conduct business with both domestic and foreign Bitcoin Traders.

The possibility to trade Over The Counter is an added feature of this cryptocurrency trading service provider (OTC).

Compared to other cryptocurrency trading apps, Mybistore currently has the lowest fees, rates, and charges.

Both beginners and experienced cryptocurrency traders should are encouraged to download this app.

Following  these steps on how to buy Bitcoin with Mobile Money on Mybitstore.


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  • After signing up click on Profile and then KYC verification to complete your verification with a valid ID.



  • Click on Buy and sell directly with Mybitstore


  • Choose Bitcoin, type in the amount, click on the preview button to see the amount in Ghana cedis and the trading Fee, then Click on Start Buy Trade to buy your Bitcoin.



  • Make payment using the provided payment detail By
  • Mybitstore
  • Click on the I HAVE PAID button

 WhatsApp Image 2022-06-22 at 12.29.02 PM

  • Then type in Transaction ID and the amount paid and Click on Submit button.
  • NB: Ensure the amount paid and the transaction ID are both correct.

  • Your Mybitstore wallet will be automatically be credited with BITCOIN

Mybitstore presents the most convenient way to sell Bitcoin and sell USDT and other cryptos instantly with mobile money. The latest update comes with an automated payment structure when selling Bitcoin.


  • Select the Buy/Sell Directly with Mybitstore button.



sell 5

  • Click on the Sell Option and input the amount to sell

sell 1

  • Click on PREVIEW to get the transaction summary

sell 2

  • Click on the START SELL button

sell 3


  • Kindly note that the sell amount should be inputted in dollars.

In order to recieve the funds from your sell trade, you would need to save your payment details (if that has not been provided).

After clicking on Start Trade button a Payment detail form will pop up for you to add your means of receiving payment, choose to add Bank details or Mobile Money details fill it ,click save to complete the process.

The money will be automatically credited to your selected mode of payment.



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