How to get scholarships to study in the United States

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It is the dream of most students in Africa to get scholarships in the United States to go study good courses and later get their dream jobs to serve their institutions.

In July 2017, to the wonder of God, I tied down confirmation and a $45k Rotary Grant Scholarship to learn at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public help in Little Rock Arkansas in the United States. Somewhere in the range of 2005 and 2017, I applied to almost 35 schools all throughout the planet, including junior colleges, universities, and colleges in nations like Brazil, South Africa, Czech Republic, Russia, UK, Italy, China, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil, and so on.

My craving to concentrate abroad started promptly when I was going to finish Victory International School, Abossey Okai, Accra. It became serious in 2005 when I joined up with Wesley Grammar Senior High School, also known as WesG, Dansoman, a suburb in Accra.

I came up short on the required assets to accomplish this reason. I didn’t have a credit or charge card to pay for the application expenses. Truth be told, I didn’t have a clue what a credit or charge card was, and I didn’t have an individual PC nor admittance to the Internet bistro in our home. I didn’t permit my absence of assets to frustrate my fantasy. I would set aside cash from the assets my folks allowed me every day for school. Then, at that point, I would utilize my cash to buy time codes at a public Internet bistro to investigate schools that met my models.

My folks moved to Accra from Kapoeto, a town in Salaga, Savannah district in the last part of the 90s. They are both sweet potato dealers at the Konkomba Yam Market at Agbogbloshie, Accra. From that second, I realized my folks couldn’t send me to a junior college anyplace on the planet due to their exchange. My dad specifically would ordinarily admonish me when I raised the subject of concentrating abroad. Not on the grounds that he didn’t need me to concentrate abroad but since he was unable to manage the cost of the expense that accompanies sending me to study to another country.

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In this way, I started investigating for junior colleges that would postpone the application charges and simultaneously offer me grants that would be sufficient to cover the educational cost and other everyday costs. Accordingly, I couldn’t have cared less if this junior college was situated in Papua New Guinea, Rome, Rogers, and so on All I at any point needed was to leave Ghana, get well-rounded schooling abroad, openness, and return to campaign a public service position.

I was met with mock, verbally abusing, and harassment from a portion of my companions. A portion of my dear companions mocked and considered me an ‘educator and English man’ who might not have any desire to focus on finishing his examinations in Ghana. Different companions upheld me. All I at any point needed was to pass on Ghana to concentrate abroad and return to Ghana when I was prepared to go into governmental issues, perhaps run for an assembly seat, Member of Parliament(MP).

At that level, I applied to junior colleges that deferred application expenses for me. I didn’t have an individual PC. I would be quick to set aside my lunch cash or go through minimal expenditure from what my folks give me for school so I can utilize that cash to get to the Internet. From Gold Internet Cafe at Zongo Junction to Rikaichan Internet Cafe adjoining Great Lamptey School, and from Broadway Internet Cafe to Vodafone at Circle all in Accra, I was investigating for schools that would offer me a full grant to concentrate abroad.

The battle proceeded when I acquired affirmation and enlisted into the Wesley Grammar Senior High School, otherwise known as WesG. There, I was unable to tie down affirmation nor grant to concentrate abroad. Dismissal and disavowal were the things to address. In 2013, while at the University of Cape Coast, I enlisted and composed the Scholastic Assessment Test(SAT). My middle was at the Ghana International School, Cantonment, Accra. I scored 1,070 on the test, which was simply over the normal score. Notwithstanding this, I was unable to tie down admission to contemplate in Canada and the United States.

The more I attempted, the more I neglected to tie down admission to concentrate abroad. Yet, this didn’t prevent me from seeking after my fantasy. Winston Churchill accepted and I agree that “achievement includes moving from one inability to another without loss of excitement.”

In 2015 and 2016, I applied to certain schools in Canada and China. For China, I applied to Tsinghua University, a first-rate higher establishment of discovering that prepared any semblance of Hu Jintao, Xi Jinping, and so forth I was denied confirmation twice from a similar University in 2015 and 2016. Colleges in the UK would offer affirmations with a halfway grant, making it hard for me to satisfy my fantasy.

While doing my public assistance at the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection in Accra Ghana, I kept on investigating for an exit plan. I investigated and found two incredible colleges: the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy in Germany and the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Arkansas.

I said to myself this would be the last school I will apply for affirmations. Indeed, these were the last schools that offered me affirmations. I got offers from both of these extraordinary schools and both offered incomplete grants at first. After meeting with Dr. Kwabena Agyemang with the Department of Geography and Regional Planning at the University of Cape Coast, I zeroed in on the Clinton School of Public Service.

It wasn’t well before the Clinton School offered me admission to read for a graduate degree openly administration. At first, in May 2017, I was offered a halfway grant worth $5,000. In June 2017, I got an email from the school official demonstrating that I was chosen to get extra financing worth $45,000. I thought it was a joke until I got the authority Rotary Foundation Global Grant Fellowship letter from Bob Warner, leader of Rotary Club District 6150, Jonesboro, Arkansas in the United States that was supporting my investigations at the Clinton School of Public Service, Little Rock, Arkansas, US. The rest was history!

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