How to identify rich kids (Dada Ba)

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rich kids

Back in the days, you could easily identify rich kids, unlike these days when most parents – even the not-so-wealthy among them are trying their best to give their children the best of everything.

In the 90’s you could identify rich children by these;

1. Wheeled bags

They came to school in wheeled bags while an average child came in with a torn school bag or even rice sack.

2. Luxurious shoes

They had almost new shoes every day. You dare not step on them with either your torn shoes, flippers or barefoot if you weren’t one of their kind.

rich kids

3. Never sacked for school fees

Their wealthy parents paid everything in full and so they never owed. As for the rest, teachers even had to forego their debts because they just couldn’t pay.

4. Lunch packs

A rich kid in the ’90s came along with a lunch pack filled with sumptuous meals. Some of us only survived on roasted yam or plantain we were given. Sometimes too on an empty stomach.

5. Carriage cars

Were you sent from and to school by car? Be it your parents’ car or a taxi? If yes, you were a rich kid.

6. Well dressed children

They changed uniforms every term, wiped their shoes clean every now and then, used handkerchiefs, white socks and what you could think of.

In addition to these, most of them were brilliant, held various school positions and often didn’t speak vernacular in school. Now, which one are you? The rich kid or the other group. I hope you can adjourn by yourself.

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