Husband receives photo from his wife, then immediately wants a divorce

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Photos are an important part of our lives. Holiday memories, how cute your pet is, the beauty of your partner: it can all be captured in a photo.

Still, sometimes it’s better not to look too much into the details, because who knows, you might come across something that you previously overlooked.

Something that has enormous consequences… John Baker also experienced this: he saw something in a photo of his wife that made him want to divorce her immediately.

John Baker

John and Baker Chloe had been married for five years and lived in San Francisco. The American couple had a special relationship. John traveled the world for work and was sometimes away from home for weeks, while Chloe spent her time volunteering at various charities in the city.

Because Chloe was home alone so often, she was in charge of the household. When John was home for a week, he had to obey his wife’s house rules.

This had caused tensions at first, but eventually John had resigned himself to it. He had long been happy to have such a beautiful wife to come home to. John had complete confidence in his wife and always went on business trips without any worries. Was he right to do this?

The husband, John, had a good job as a sales representative for a technology company. This company had customers and partners all over the world, so John was often away from home for work for weeks. He always flew first class and slept in the most beautiful hotel rooms. His life consisted of luxury.

Still, John loved being home with the love of his life, Chloe. When John was on a business trip, the couple often spoke on the phone. Chloe had said early in their relationship that she didn’t like video calling, so the couple didn’t see each other for weeks. John often sent a selfie when he arrived on location, but he couldn’t expect the same from Chloe. He was used to this.

John wanted to see his wife more often. Be careful what you wish for…

Chloe Baker

Chloe was a stunning, popular woman with a huge circle of acquaintances. Because of her large network, she was a welcome guest at fundraisers and other events. Because John had such a good job, Chloe didn’t have to work herself. She spent her time supporting charities. Thus she filled her days with something that was good for the world.

In addition, Chloe also took good care of herself. She loved going out, good food and shopping, which she preferred to do with friends. Chloe was known as a very sociable person and liked to strike up a conversation with everyone. Waiters, shop assistants and other unknown men sometimes mistook this for flirting. Chloe’s single friends were very happy about this because Chloe always referred these men to them.

That used to be different…


In the past, Chloe had earned her money as a model. She had even made it to Playboy as a playmate. During this time, Chloe had been single and thoroughly enjoyed all the male attention that this job entailed.

Chloe had met her future husband John while working. She modeled at a world-famous car show, where she was hired by the car brand to promote their latest model. Thousands of men were walking, but her eye fell on John as soon as he entered the room. It was love at first sight for her.

For John it was different…


At the car show

That day, John was looking for a new car with his then-girlfriend, Heather. The couple had driven the same sedan for years, but now that John had started earning more money, there was room to purchase a new car. The day had turned out completely different than the couple had expected.

The car show was very busy. The couple had been walking around for a few hours but had not yet come across their dream car. John had just been promoted at work and was very happy. He’d just gone to the bathroom and was walking back to Heather when he saw something that seemed to freeze the world around him.

Heather turned out not to be who he thought she was…


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