“I Eat 100 Razor Blades In A Day”- Meet The Man Who Claims To Be Lucifer

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This is a story of a man who claims to be Lucifer, evil spirit master and other friendly names. He is capable of eating blades, spitting nails, controlling fire among others.

He is a magician and goes by the name Black. He has incredible and unbelievable magic you have never seen.

He was born in Burundi with relatives from Tanzania. He came to Rwanda and started his career in music. Later on, he stopped his music career and joined magicians. He can eat blades, swallow forks, chew bottles and many more.

He said he has many kinds of stuff inside him and as a result can even eat 100 blades in just one day. No one can do what he does unless they are magicians too. He said he uses superpowers and every magician has one. That is their uniqueness


Black started performing magic around 2010. When he went back to Tanzania he has gotten some new skills but the idea came when he was in Burundi. He was asked to go to Tanzania to perform at a magic concert but he revealed it was a nice experience.

According to Black, he is not afraid of judgment day even though he has been hearing pastors preach that the evil will burn in hell fire to the extent that people are even afraid of fire. On the judgment day he will do what he does best so that we won’t get burnt.


Black can cut someone’s head off and fix it back according to him plus many more that he hasn’t showcased yet. Black said he one day went to church and the pastor told the congregation there is a devil amongst them who have come to destroy the church. They fished him out and he was sent out of the church.


People throw stones at him sometimes saying what he does is witchcraft because he cannot eat blade without an evil spirit backing him. But he insist it is part of the job, even when you are a driver one day you can get killed by your vehicle. Maybe that is how they feel but for him it is just a talent.

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