I Pressed Mz Forson’s Buttocks Because She Is My Girlfriend – Richy Rymz blasts critics

Richy Rymz
Richy Rymz

Phoenix Records artiste, Richy Rymz has explained that he spanked and fondled the buttocks of Rufftown records signee, Mz Forson because they are having an affair.

Social media users lambasted Richy Rymz for objectifying Mz Forson’s body after the release of a music video titled ‘Do That Thing’.

Before the release of the official video, ghkasa.com released a video which saw Richy Rymz fondling the buttocks of Mz Forson which was quiet surprising. Was this for hype or it was on purpose? Well, Richy Rymz has answered us and all who criticized him over that video.

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In an interview on let’s talk showbiz on Joy News, the artiste wondered why Ghanaians will have a problem with a boyfriend fondling the buttocks of his lover in the open.

“Mz Forson is my girlfriend, she got angry when I said I didn’t have anything to do with her. I love her so much and she likes playing with me a lot”, he said.

Richy Rymz
(Left)Miss Forson and Richy Rymz(Right)

When asked why he fondled Mz Forson’s buttocks during the shoot of video, he explained

“Because she is my girlfriend and because I was doing show business. The title of the song had to go with the video, anytime you are doing the video you have to see to it that the video suits the song. We had to do that thing in the video”, he added.

One would ask why Richy Rymz did that in the open and not indoors since that act was considered by many as a sign of disrespect, but Richy Rymz disagrees.

“It is not disrespectful, even on Tv they show more telenovelas with people kissing and all that, they don’t talk about it. So I was just trying to play with my girlfriend and people are angry or people are complaining about it. All over TV we show John Dumelo and Jackie Appiah kissing so I don’t think they should complain about mine, I am okay with it and Miss Forson is okay with it. Some people are not okay with it, I don’t care because that’s my relationship with Mz Forson and I don’t care about what people think”, he revealed.

WATCH: Richy Rymz pressing the bottos of Mz Forson


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