“I Was Not Fired By EIB Network Over Sexual Misconduct”, Kafui Dey

Kafui Dey

Broadcast Journalist, Kafui Dey has reacted on his leaving EIB Network. Many were of the view that Mr. Kafui was sacked from EIB Network.

The one that caught the attention was on firstnews360.com done by one Araba Smith which stretches the allegations of sexual misconduct by Kafui Dey which led to his dismissal from EIB. Kafui who had kept quite all this while decided to clear the allegations levelled against him.

o he wrote, “A publication on firstnews360.com by one Araba Smith which alleges that I was fired by EIB Network over sexual misconduct has come to my attention.

Much as the website is supposed to be a spoof site, I view such a publication seriously considering the direction the author has taken with her fabricated story.

I wish to state clearly that the entire story is absurd, defamatory and a creation of the author’s imagination with no iota of truth whatsoever in it.

I was not fired by my former employers nor do I have any accusations leveled against me in any form. A simple check at EIB Network will discredit this claim and any other claim in the story.

Issues of sexual misconduct are no joke and these cowards should not hide behind a so-called disclaimer on a spoof website to make statements that hurt people” .

Since we know the truth now, we will be less judgemental on the issue.


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