Iconzy Fiack Releases Official Music Video For His Hit Track “Crazy oo”

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Iconzy Fiack

Iconzy Fiack aka Nzema Rap God has finally released the official music video for his hit track “Crazy oo” and trust me, it’s crazy!

Just like Sarkodie who has over the years been consistent with his Twi rap, Iconzy Fiack has also taken it upon himself to promote Nzema music by delivering heavy rap punchlines in the Nzema language.

Originality is what makes a musician stand out from the bunch of musicians out there who have compromised their style just to fit in.

Iconzy Fiack is one of the few musicians thriving on originality and not following the masses.

Relax and check out the official music video of Icon Fiack’s Crazy oo directed by one of the best Directors, Erzuah.

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