Improve Your Sh*t – David Oscar Trolls DKB For Flopping At Glo Lafftafest

DKB and David Oscar
DKB and David Oscar

Bad bloods – David Oscar and DKB have been at each other’s neck and David Oscar is not letting go off this PHD moment as ‘Ghana’s king of comedy’ failed to thrill attendees at the just ended Glo Lafftafest.

Last Sunday, many were at the just ended Glo Lafftafest, only to wake up in the morning to reports on an apology that was rendered by Ghana’s king of comedy, DKB. According to DKB who apologized to the public, the comedian who came on stage before him extracted all the laughter out of the audience.

David Oscar

Well, David Oscar who has been mad at DKB for calling himself ‘Ghana’s King Of Comedy‘ has come out to mock his colleague and rival for failing to defend his crown and proving to Ghanaians that he is indeed a king, on his Facebook page.

I hear your king flopped on stage last night and is now apologizing? … Oh tell him we accepted the apology way before he offered it, but also tell him to come to the silverbird cinemas on Saturday night (15th Sept.) to watch Ghana’s best stand up comedian Augustin Dennis , so he can improve his sh*t !! HahHahahahahaha !!,” Oscar mocked.

It is however surprising that David Oscar who was once a comedian had to quit comedy for music, and he is now known for music than comedy, something he claims he is good at.

On the other hand, some Ghanaians are of the view that DKB’s apology was funnier than his jokes.


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