With the upsurge in unemployment (2015-2.15% about 645,000) (2016- 2.26% about 678000), (2017-
2.36% about 708,000), self-reliance and entrepreneurship has become somewhat of a necessity as
entrepreneurs play a vital role in job creation.

Entrepreneurship is becoming more important to the economy; however, there are a set of standards by
which entrepreneurs should operate to ensure positive contribution and growth.
Why the need for these standards?

1. Reduce risk: The underlying reason for ISO compliance is the entrepreneurial companies are at
greater risk than established organizations. If a young company doesn’t have policies, processes
and procedures that are standardized, it risks wasting its precious resources. And that can mean
going out of business.
2. Builds Consistency: It isn’t enough for new entrepreneurs (fledglings) to operate with “general
knowledge” of the details involved in developing a product or providing a service. Typically, the
needed knowledge is not communicated consistently across to all members. ISO standards put
policies, processes and procedures in writing so that everyone is aware and able to work within
common directives.
3. Measures Return On Investment (ROI): In addition, ISO standards serve as a checklist against a
young company, whose financial talent and systems might not yet be up to par, can measure
critical entrepreneurial objectives, namely Return On Investment, ROI.
4. Builds Credibility: Standards function as an endorsement, convincing partners to engage with,
and customers to buy from, an untested entity
The Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Excellence (CLSCE) has highlighted the need for acquisition of
ISO certification and the use of ISO standards, to enable small and micro enterprises access the larger


This is a standard that specifies the requirement for establishing a quality management system within an
entity. ISO 9001 is applicable to any organization as it demonstrates consistent ability to provide
products and /or services that meet customer and statutory requirement in a system that ultimately
strives to enhance customer satisfaction.

This standard places emphasis on the role of leadership in quality management and the importance of
risk management. The standard itself is held in high regard as there are certification bodies that can
brand organizations as ISO 9001 certified.

A sound quality management system allows quality to permeate throughout an organization. This is
important for both the day-to-day operations of the company, but also enhances the outcome of the

product or service itself. Adherence to a quality management system helps limit the amount of mistakes
made by an organization, effectively enhancing its general performance.

There are also sector specific standards such as the ISO 22000 FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYTEM.
With over two hundred (200) diseases spread through the food chain, it’s clear that safe, sustainable
food production is one of our greatest challenges.

Food safety is about the prevention, elimination and control of food borne hazards, from the site of
production to the point of consumption. Since food safety hazards may be introduced at any stage of
the process, every entrepreneur/ company in the food supply chain must exercise adequate hazard

ISO 22000 intends to help entrepreneurs

1. Embed and improve the internal processes needed to provide consistently safe food
2. Provide confidence to customers and partners that the organization has the ability to control
food safety hazards and provide safe products.
3. Provide confidence to organization and the management team that the organization’s practices
and procedures are in place and that they are effective and robust.
4. Ensure adequate control at all stages of the food supply chain to prevent the introduction of
food safety hazards.

These standards ultimately help structure and place entrepreneurs in a position of competitive
advantage and help them thrive by providing quality service whereas generating more revenue and

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