Jasmine Seyram Launches ‘The Jazmyn Foundation’ To Alleviate Lives Of The Disparaged & Marginalized In Society

On October 11, 2019, at the Silverstar Tower Incubator, Ghanaian model Jasmine Seyram outdoored her new warm-hearted child christened The Jazmyn Foundation.

The Jazmyn Foundation through its founder and leader Jasmine Seyram announced the readiness to solve and attend to most marginalized people across the length and breadth of the country. Statistics provided by the foundation during the launch revealed staggering records of about twenty per cent of women and children suffering and subjected to tyrannizing and inhuman treatments in one way or the other on a regular basis.

Also, the increasing rate of maternal motility of 164 per 100,000 live birth, undernourishment and child trafficking have all contributed in the decision to set up the foundation to reach out to women and children in deprived areas in the big cities via mass media publication, campaign and awareness creation, those within the rural areas won’t be left out either as The Jazmyn Foundation plans to visit and provide progressive solutions.

In her speech at the launch, the Jasmine Seyram said, ”Offering a helping hand to improve the quality of life of the disparaged, marginalized and oppressed women and children within the society, is the organizational goal of the Jazmyn Foundation”.

The foundation is looking forward to partnering with humanitarian and aid organization such as The United Nations Children’s Fund, Child Rights International and others to generate and raise the needed funds for the successful execution of the planned projects in the present and future.

Furthermore, the Jazmyn Foundation looks to provide assistance in breast cancer screening and sensitization, creating awareness on children trafficking and kidnapping, maternal mortality interventions, night schools for illiterate women, cervical cancer awareness and control programs, and several other societal challenges that women and children are confronted with.

The launch was attended by Ghanaian media executive and event organizer, Bola Ray, known in private life as Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi, and other influential Ghanaian personalities, who joined Jasmine Seyram to officially cut the cake.

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