Former AIDS Ambassador Joyce Dzidzor shares her pumpum with an Alleged HIV positive guy

Joyce Dzidzor

Former AIDS Ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah who made headlines in 2014 after parading herself as Ghana’s HIV/AIDS Ambassador claiming in dozens of commercials as being HIV positive suddenly switched, claiming she was never HIV positive is out on social media saying that a gentleman by name Kristoff Adjei who had approached her for assistance after going through depression and needed someone to talk about a certain VIRUS he had, had made her feel used and so hurt.

Joyce who posted on Facebook stated that, in the process of helping the gentleman get out of depression, the atmosphere changed for something usual, Joyce claimed they had sex on two occasions but with protection. Joyce also stated in her post that, Kristof wanted to sleep with other women to see if they will also get the virus for him to be convinced that he actually has the virus.

Joyce Dzidzor who denounced her HIV status stated that, she is in talks with experts to get Kristof arrested and that is just the warning.

I posted photos of a guy on Facebook yesterday. I decided not to continue with the story but he’s just getting on my nerves calling me a coward. If you think I should go on with the story, type yes. If don’t , type no. Majority carries the vote

Joyce Dzidzor Joyce Dzidzor

Months ago Joyce Dzidzor Mensah issued what is being considered a pre-suicide note – threatening to end her life and those of her three young children.

In a Facebook post Saturday morning, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah wishes her soul and those of the children ‘rest in peace’, predicting July 7 will be their last day on earth.

“These are my three children. Today is our last day on earth. I have my last interview at 3fm this afternoon. I will then proceed to the village where my children are. Am going to kill them and kill myself. We are going to a place where there is no sorrow, a place where people will never call my children AIDS children, a place where I will not be judged wrongly, a place where there is no hunger. A place where my children will not be sacked for school fees, a place where we will not pay for accommodation. A place where no one will beat me for using their bathroom. May our souls rest in peace.”

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah had previously claimed an HIV Positive status, later recanted it, following which she was stripped of the ambassadorial role by the Ghana AIDS Commission.

She has since reclaimed the AIDS status, but was in the news only last week following her revelation that she had bedded a number of celebrities.

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