KONKONSA! Relative Of Becca Confirms; Becca’s Husband Has Two Kids

Tobi and Becca

After barely two weeks of marriage, there have been reports upon reports on Becca and Tobi’s marriage which indicates that Tobi Daniels has two kids with another woman.

Following the unraveling and shocking revelations that have popped up after the marriage of Ghana’s female singer and the Nigerian artiste manager, now known as the Daniels, we gather that the rumours have been confirmed by an unknown relative.

The shocking revelation on Becca‘s husband being married with two kids was made when Nigerian blogger Linda Keji reported on the marriage and in the comments section of her post a couple of people alleged to know who Mr.Tobi and that he is married.

A reader by name Constance Anorue stated, “But this guy is married nah! He even had 2 or 3 kids. Hmm. I hope this is real ooo”. An unknown reader also followed suit saying “Daniel Sanni. Former Branch Manager, PHB Omole Branch. Married with kids”.

Well, your gossip hub has chanced on an unconfirmed news on Facebook which states that a relative of Becca (name withheld) has confirmed that Becca’s husband has two kids with another woman but cannot tell whether she’s indeed a second wife or not.

A section of a post by Ricky Rick on facebook reads: #LATEST: It has been Confirmed by a relative of BECCA that her husband; Tobi has two kids but as to whether she’s a “SECOND WIFE” she (the relative) couldn’t ascertain

There’s always an iota of truth in every rumour.

But the Ghanaian songstress seems to be unconcerned with the latest development and rumours surrounding her marriage.

We will keep you posted on Becca’s marriage scandal should anything pop up.


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