Did Kumi Guitar ‘Sacrifice’ His Cornrow For Zylofon Deal?

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Kumi Guitar now

Highlife singer Nana Yaw Kumi popularly known as Kumi Guitar has some throwback pictures that has raised the eyebrows of many, especially what people call his ‘gangster’ days.

Five Star Ghanaian Highlife singer, Kumi Guitar has been questioned on the minds of many as to how such a talent was hidden and discovered by Zylofon media out of the bloom which followed with a signing. Kumi Guitar was the first artiste to be signed by Zylofon Music and has since then been the only highlife musician on the label.

Well, ghkasa.com has made some findings on the highlife singer, his past and some questions that we ought to share with the masses.

The highlife singer started his musical career with the stage name Nightmare‘. In his ‘Nightmare’ days, Nana Yaw Kumi, now known as Kumi Guitar had a different brand all together and according to many, this hindered his career.

Kumi Guitar
Kumi Guitar (Nightmare)

Before he released his breakthrough songs Emma Time, Obra and Brown Sugar, he had received two nominations in the 2014 VGMA and that was when the spotlight fell on the highlife artiste.

Well we chanced on some throwback photos of Nana Yaw Kumi, which we have decided to share with you. These photos are a fair piece of when he was ‘Nightmare‘. Many have questioned whether the hairstyle of the artiste in the past was of no good to his career hence getting rid of it (though it was a tough decision for him) gave him the attention he needed from Ghanaians to prove himself.

Kumi Guitar (Nightmare)

To many who don’t know, Nightmare was featured on Reggie Zippy’s single ‘Virgin’.

The question here is, do you think the highlife musician’s hard decision to get rid of his cornrow, has really paid off?

Virgin (Reggie Zippy ft. Nightmare)


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