Kwaw Kese visits his Psychiatrist for a check up

Emmanuel Botway, known by his stage name Kwaw Kese, is said to be with his Psychiatrist for a check up today. Musicians are at increased risk for mental disorders, in particular performance anxiety.

Ghanaian rap artiste, Pappy Kojo, also known as Fante Van Damme, has revealed that, he decided to take a break from active music because he suffered depression.

This issue has become very big and industry players have been over the month trying to find ways to solve it and help artist move on healthy and make sure they promote Ghana to the world.

Kwaw Kese made a post on Twitter that, he went to his Psychiatrist and we at is wondering why the artist should be there and what maybe the problem.

“Appointment wit psychiatrist 10:30 , wish me well”



Musicians are at increased risk for mental disorders, in particular performance anxiety. Likely causes are high levels of occupational stress, special personality traits, and coping skills. In this cross-sectional study, routine outcome monitoring (ROM) data on clinical and psychosocial characteristics were collected from the first 50 musicians visiting our outpatient psychiatric clinic for performing artists and were compared to those of a large sample of psychiatric outpatients (n=1,498) and subjects from the general population. Of the musician outpatients, 82% (n=41) met the criteria of an Axis I psychiatric disorder.

Performance anxiety could not be accurately diagnosed with the MINI-plus, and in a few cases it masked different psychiatric disorders. Musician outpatients scored significantly better on functional scales despite their Axis I disorder, with equal scores on scales measuring distress compared to general outpatients.

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Musicians displayed significantly higher mean scores on the DAPP-sf subscale measuring narcissistic personality traits than general outpatients and non-patient controls (p=0.001). Diagnostic challenges, in particular regarding performance anxiety, of musicians seeking psychiatric care are thoroughly discussed.

Musicians with psychiatric disorders may constitute a group of patients with specific characteristics who may benefit from specialized psychiatric care, and health professionals should be aware of the high prevalence of psychiatric disorders in musicians.

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