Kwesi Arthur debunks Edem’s claim of artist holding guns at events

Kwesi Arthur, Guns
Kwesi Arthur

Trap music artist, Kwesi Arthur has debunked rumors of rapper Edem claiming some Ghanaian artist carry guns to events.

Speaking to Andy Dosty on Hitzfm, Edem revealed that, most Ghanaian artist and their team members carry guns for shows.

Edem told Andy Dosty that, he doesn’t encourage the idea of artist carrying guns for shows.

Speaking to Andy Dosty ahead of the Solo Show which host Kwesi Arthur, Arthur has mentioned that, artist specifically his team do not carry guns along to shows.

“I shot a gun before… but we don’t hold guns when we go for shows. We are protected by normal security”. Kwesi revealed

Replying to ever recording a diss song, Kwesi Arthur mentioned if it’s necessary, he will release it.

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