Kyiriabosom Paralyzed as Obinim, Obofour and Others are Penalized!!!!

Kyiriabosom, Osofo Kyiriabosom

A 14year old girl who is said to be possessed by an evil spirit has allegedly paralyzed popular pastor, Osofo Kyiriabosom.

Some water spirit possessed a 14-year old girl, and in her father’s haste to get her daughter back whole sought help from most of the powerful prophets in Kumasi, but to no avail. The spirit which manifested through the girl said it was made unclean and needed to be purified to set the little girl free.

The first prophet the man visited is Prophet Obinim(now Angel Obinim). Obinim who couldn’t help the little girl said the spirit was very strong and would disgrace any pastor who tries to rid the spirit off the girl.

The second prophet whom the man went to is Prophet Opambour. The girl’s father said after paying “Prophet One” a whooping Ghana cedis 3,200, couldn’t help the possessed child. The possessed child then disgraced Opambour as being fake.


Next on the bill is Rev. Obofour who is known for delivering people from evil spirits. The battle between Obofour and the possessed girl was a fierce one. The spirit overcame Obofour and threw him to the ground. Before then, Obofour had charged the man an amount of 1500 cedis.

Kyiriabosom who is best known for the burning of idols and shrines got the lion’s share of the spirit’s manifestation. The spirit which said Osofo Kyiriabosom was not a genuine man of God. The spirit then arrested his car from moving. Osofo Kyiriabosom not perturbed, took a Taxi home.

The spirit which was not satisfied also followed him to his house, hit Kyiriabosom three times on his chest and he literally paralyzed.

Since the story is developing, it is too early to jump into conclusions. The men of God are yet to confirm or condemn the situation.

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