Lady gives accurate reasons why you shouldn’t be posting your lovers pics online- See More Info

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A story surfacing the internet discloses a lady advising lovers about what they out not to do when in a relationship or dating, with accurate reasons.

She advised lovers not to post their various partners on social media platforms, especially on their WhatsApp statuses. She gave prior reasons to her claim that, it isn’t because she hate or envy or doesn’t like you dating.

The enthusiasm lovers get when they are in a relationship, lead them to perform various acts which they tend to ignore the consequences which may arise in the near future.

Among these include, kissing in public, chopping love and recording it, performing live naked chats, posting their private videos and pictures on social media, among many others.


According to her, the main reason why dating shouldn’t be publicized is that, when there is an inconvenience in the relationship where one of the partners decide to break up with the other, since you made known the image and assurance of your dating with him or her.

Even if you get another partner and you start going out with him or her, people will raise suspicious especially your WhatsApp contact or social media friends, since you will post the current one again. In view of this, they will know the number of partners you have had a relationship with, and as such maybe there might be a someone in your contact list who might seriously love you secretly, but due to what he or she is seeing the desire begins to diminish and raise doubts.

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She gave an instance of she knowing a lady in her contact list who had dated about three guys within two year, simply because the lady always posted those guys on her status.

She advised that, most lovers end up displaying their relationship information on the various social media handles and this create awareness of the relationship they are into, because perhaps no one would have knew the kind of relationship one has and wouldn’t dare to ask since it’s none of their business, therefore they should desist from that.

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