Lady weeps as her boyfriend proposes in a sad way

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Most people would agree with me that all love starts somewhere, no matter where or how it started, the only thing that matters is how they met and where the relationship is headed.

We usually say love is sweet when you pick the right person to love you and take care of you. Most people find love and meet their boyfriend in school, while others find love in church.

But above all, where did the relationship go, does the trust and love still exist, like the time that the man offers the woman.

According to this story, a young man who is a boyfriend to this lady caused so much confusion in society by pretending to be dead near a swimming pool to test his girlfriend’s loyalty.

The boyfriend in this scene lies on the floor and his girlfriend screams in pain and screams “Honey, wake up, don’t do this to me” thinking her boyfriend is gone. The young man stood up, holding a promising ring that shocked everyone in the room.


It is one unexpected incidence that’s mostly seen in the public space but this guy who’s the boyfriends here has taken the delight go out pour his love for the lady and propose to her in such manner.

This, after popping up online has caused a lot of people to quiz themselves about this and even if they got partner who would openly do such things to show how deep they love them.

Until further pop ups, we’d stick to this particular news and see to it that your opinions are also expressed and reactions goes in accordance with this insight.

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