Legalize ‘Wee’ And Ban Paracetamol, ‘Wee’ Is Better Than Para- Blakk Rasta

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Blakk Rasta
Blakk Rasta

The fight for the legalization of marijuana(wee) is still on, and one person is still not ready to give up is radio presenter and musician, Blakk Rasta who has again called on government to legalize his favorite drug.

Renowned reggae dj, Blakk Rasta has called on the government of Ghana to legalized marijuana and ban paracetamol, claims paracetamol is a harmful drug compared to marijuana.

Lots of Ghanaians have since time immemorial frowned on the legalization of marijuana(wee) as the masses perceive it to be a harmful drug. Blakk Rasta however comes and shares a different point of view.

The presenter kum musician cant understand why dangerous chemicals and medicines are legalized and sold in the open market yet marijuana, which he deems to have many healing properties is still considered illegal in Ghana.

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“We have legalised dangerous chemicals which are on the market. Paracetamol is more dangerous than marijuana. … Do you know how many people paracetamol kills?” he wondered.

Speaking on Takoradi-based Connect FM’s Entertainment Review, Blakk Rasta stated that Ghanaians shouldn’t capitalise on one unfortunate use of marijuana thus smoking because there are several health benefits associated with marijuana and can even be used for oils that can be sold out there.

“In fact, marijuana oil is one of the most healing, when it comes to therapy,” he claimed.

He also revealed that Ghana as a country loses millions of dollars every second that passes by without this legalization, he advised that the country takes advantage of the numerous benefits which will stem from legalizing marijuana.


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