Let’s allow them since the system isn’t working- Shatta Wale reacts to the LGBTQ debate

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Ghanaian Dancehall act Shatta Wale has taken the chance to openly speak about the ongoing LGBTQ debate on the country especially since its reached a contentious peak.

From the start of this particular year, there have been a lot of critics and legal push as well from Same-sex people and others who speaks wildly against it. The act even though despise by many Ghanaian has not yet discouraged Gays and Lesbians I’m still fighting for legalization.

Within a month now, there have been serious debate from Parliament and on the various sides of the general public quizzing on whether the drafted anti LGBTQ bill should be passed in parliament. Other MPs like Sam George, is also fighting tirelessly for the anti bill to be passed.

Meanwhile, aside all this tension Shatta Wale took to his Instagram page to react about the LGBTQ debate in Ghana. From we heard, he talked of how Ghanaians should freely allow these same sex individuals to enjoy whatever engagements they love.

He spoke as well on how we shouldn’t contradict their actions because from the western world, no one really focuses on how wild and cool you engage yourselves sexually.

Aside all this he has intrigued the our law makers to take on the right decision and to do due diligence to what the people wished for.

Even though he has spoken from his side as a public figure, it’s still not guaranteed on whether his words will be listened to or taken into action but until then, we’d still stick to the surfacing stories around this matter and later give you tip-bits on what happens next.

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