Let’s go with 95% Ghanaian Music on our airwaves – Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale, Ghanaian Music
Shatta Wale

Reggae-dancehall musician Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr known by his stage name Shatta Wale, has requested that, Ghanaians push the agenda of 80% Ghanaian Music to 95% Ghanaian Music on radio and Tv waves.

“Play 80% Ghanaian Music” was in introduced in 2016, where some industry players appealed to the right authorities to help the ‘ENTERTAINERS’ set a vision of 80% of Ghanaian Music on radio and TV in motion, considering the enormous benefits to the musician and the nation as well.

Speaking to Andy Dosty on Hitzfm, the dancehall artist said 80% Ghanaian Music won’t favor the Ghanaian up and coming artist so he proposed the agenda be shifted to 90%.

“80/20? I am rooting for a 95% local content on our airwaves rather.” GhKasa.com captured.

According to reports, with the push for 80% Ghanaian Music on our airwaves, entertainers stand to achieve a total play of Ghanaian music on our radios and televisions which will help the nation as a whole with benefits including:

  1. Creation of jobs through training of individuals to monitor and log information for the monetization of content aired for royalties distribution.
  2. New talents will have an opportunity of being heard as an 80% Ghanaian music structure will create platforms for new music.
  3. Getting rid of the stigma attached to music as a career as musicians will be well rewarded for their work through distribution of royalties.

To the Economy of Ghana:

In 2012 music contributed a little less than 1% to Ghana’s GDP even with lots more foreign music on our airwaves. With the push to 80% Ghanaian content, music will have the utmost potential of yielding from 20% – 30% contribution to the nations overall GDP.

The call has been put to every musician to join this movement as (the musician) stand at gaining immensely when the move to 80% Music on our airwaves is set in place.

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